Owen's Facility

Welcome to Owen's Facility, the podcast where we explore the mysterious and often terrifying world of the SCP Foundation. Join our host, Robyn Meif playing the part of Owen, the Site Director, as they delve into the secrets of these anomalous objects, entities, and phenomena that defy explanation. From the mundane to the otherworldly, each episode offers a deep dive into the SCP universe, providing a detailed analysis of each subject and uncovering its hidden meanings and origins. Whether you're a seasoned SCP fan or a newcomer to the world of anomalies, Owen's Facility offers a fascinating and informative look into the strange and wondrous world of the SCP Foundation. So strap in, keep your eyes peeled, and prepare for a journey into the unknown on Owen's Facility. Use the embed below to check out the podcast on Spotify! Click the button under the embed to visit our Podcast form, where you can provide feedback or a request for a specific SCP!

Episode List (S1)

SCP 096 - The Shy Guy. A tall, pale, deformed creature that hates being looked at. Who knows, you might have seen it already in an old photo, just four pixels in the background, and it might be coming for you right now.

SCP 4661 - Viva Las Vegas! Did you know Vegas and Hell overlap? Did you know Luxor is an SCP Site? Did you know demons take bribes? Learn about all that and more in this epsiode!