This page will show a complete list of all the projects I'm currently working on. Check back frequently for updates! An asterisk (*) means that the project is currently on hiatus, and that no progress is being made for the time being.

Robyn Reads

Reading Reddit memes is tiring, so why not have them read for you by Robyn the Robin?


Ansin Orifir, a Discord bot designed to keep the Meif Co. Discord servers organized, safe, and functional.

Xiran Realms

Robin's Song




Fade2Black, also known as the Mortality ARG, is an ARG scavenger hunt inspired by Rusty Lake's ARGs. This is a HIGH PRIORITY PROJECT. Click the button to get started on the ARG.

His Mind's Creations

His Mind's Creations is a two-part game series made up of the titles "His Mind's Creations" and "His Mind's Illusions."

While the project IS in the works, this is much lower on my priority list and will take quite a while to finish.

Super Secret Book Project

Mage's Madness

Doki Doki ATITK Video

Rusty Lake ATITK Video


MeifCraft is a public Minecraft server, owned and operated by Robyn Meif.

*Robyn's Mod

*Robyn's Laboratory


*Toons of Xira

*Radiant Garden


*The Nuclear Cookbook

*Meif's Tome of Worldbuilding

*Accessable D&D Character Sheets

*Tales of Xira TTRPG


*Meif RPG



*Project Reboot


*Temple of Zath

*Sounds of Existance

*Bird Blog